4 Quarantine Productivity You may Not have Thought About

4 Quarantine Productivity You may Not have Thought About

Life can be so surprising that in a blink of an eye, your whole world can be turned upside down. You might be behaving the best time of your life, and Covid-19 unexpectedly shut everything down. However, there are always two sides to a coin. Every situation in our life creates opportunities that may not have been there. No doubt that Covid-19 has become a nightmare. But you got an ample amount of time because of lockdown to do the things you never thought. Plus, people figured out different alternatives for everyday problems. Even many companies, along with the giant ones, are working remotely with better work productivity. Speaking of being productive, you may have been inspired by many sources to watch movies, read books or cook dishes, and what not! Of course, these are good ways to get productive and not to mention the entertainment part. But possibilities do not just end right there. Here we are going to show you four different quarantine productivities that you may not have thought about.

Create or re-visit one of the most important documents of your life

In job markets, there is a saying that the more effective your self-selling power is, the more recruiters will want to hire you. For that, you need CVs or resumes for making the first impression. CV or resume writing is a kind of art that you need to master, no matter what career position you get in life. Renowned CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, or anyone in the job market you reach all have the habit of updating their CVs or resumes from time to time. If you do not have a CV or resume, what best time will you get this quarantine? Also, it is not much labor in creating one but requires time to have a perfect shape. There are tons of videos on YouTube for free, which requires your time. Not only that, you will easily find free CV or resume checkers online that is Applicant Tracking System or ATS compatible. Resume Worded, TopResume, Ladders, SkillRoads are some of the honorable mentions. Moreover, it is a career-friendly habit to update CVs or resume at least every two to three months except for emergencies. 

Put values in your professional profile  

One of the fields where Covid-19 has been making a disaster is the job market. It is now an ordeal for the fresh graduates or even for someone determined to have the kick start in their career. But all hope is not lost. Some companies and organizations are offering internships or part-time jobs, and many of them are virtual. Remote and virtual workplaces are becoming the new normal with more practical work skills. Start by exploring the job section tool of Facebook. There you can search for any job or internship in your preferred industry. Even you can set notifications, there now every new job updates. LinkedIn is another fantastic platform to search for jobs, network, updating professional profiles, and so on. Smart usage of LinkedIn can bring you to the rat race. Bdjobs, Chakri.com, or JOB.com are some of the devoted jobs searching websites always free to use. However, not all internships or jobs will be paid or may offer small remunerations due to the situation. But you need to look into the bright side. These opportunities will make your CV or resume heavier and more likely to get you the desired positions. Also, try to look for online competitions or conferences which fit you for a fresh look at your CV or resumes.   

Start building the entrepreneur inside you

Enthusiastic entrepreneurs have one common habit, and that is to look for growth and opportunities. Look into emerging startups, and you will see every one of them is scrutinizing even a bit of chance. On the other hand, it takes time to sharpen the entrepreneurial lifestyle, thinking, and abilities. What perfect timing will you get then this quarantine? Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, use this time frame to build yourself. If you have a business idea, start giving that a figure. Make your team. You do not need any physical office anymore. Create the tech-savviness inside you. Sort out the barrier of finances. Give your business the perfect model that will constitute a significant impact on the future. If you already have a business but are fighting with Covid-19, look for resources available to bring a positive outcome. Also, start reading essential books such as The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy or How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie or The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau, and many more.

Step into your first venture

What does it need to start a business? Does it need so many funds, or strong workforce, or so many resources? No! With smart market research and enthusiastic dedication, you can start a business even with zero money. Besides, these business ventures can be a fantastic option for side incomes. Businesses such as Blogging, content creation, freelancing, or opening a Facebook Ad agency or social media marketing do not need any fund or may require a small investment. You can also think about writing business such as copywriting, content writing, proofreading, researching, or anything with respect. The best thing about these businesses is that they are independent, remote, and do not require any labor or pressure. Plus, you can be creative as you like, and your skills will develop. You can use free market research tools such as Google Trends, Trendwatching, Omgili, or Spezify to identify consumer needs and your preferred niche.

Do not forget to catch up with your network and develop your communication skills with these productive activities. On the other hand, many NGOs or organizations are offering virtual volunteering opportunities. These opportunities will help you in CVs or resumes, but you can also impact society no matter how small it is. It is the time where we have to be empathetic and use our consciences to reduce the adverse effects as much as possible. 

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