5 Research Websites You Should Not Miss for Better Marks

5 Research Websites You Should Not Miss for Better Marks

Those long nights, hours of scrolling through the internet, and frustration of deadlines indeed made your academic assignments a nightmare. How many times has this happened that you got the perfect research paper but only in a fraction of the free version? We understand that feeling. With an average starting cost of $30 for a research paper, it will not be feasible for a student or researcher. But in this world of alternatives, this problem also got solved. Yes, you are guessing it right! There are a handful of websites where you can download or study research papers for free. Here we will explore 5 of these websites that you should use for better marks or research.


Unpaywall is one of the legal and substantial open databases having 21 million scholarly articles and above. They have more than 50,000 publishers contributing to their platform. It works simply by providing the browser extension. Unpaywall locates the paper you are searching for and checks if you can download that or not. You can easily set up the Chrome or Firefox extension with your browser by following these steps.

First, go to this extension – https://unpaywall.org/products/extension

Then press the “Add to Chrome” option.

After that, at the Chrome web store page, press the “Add to Chrome” tool.

The extension will get added instantly. You can download freely from a research website, whether paywalled or not if Unpaywall has that site in its database. Unpaywall’s download option will then pop up in front of you. A press on the green Unpaywall option and you are good to go.

Directory of Open Access Journals or (DOAJ)

DOAJ is a community-based that provides open access journals that are tremendous in quality and refereed. It has over 10,000 publications of science, medicine, technology, psychology, and what not! Likewise, Unpaywall is entirely legal and safe to use. Moreover, it has support from many sponsors, publishers, and members where they publish their paperwork in its indexing list. Getting research papers from DOAJ is pretty simple.

First, go to this link – https://doaj.org/.

Then put the preferred keywords on the search bar and press enter. There you will find options for journals and articles.

After that, select the research paper that you want to download. You will find the “Full text” option right below the paper’s link.

Open Access Button

Founded in 2013, Open Access Button is an open-source tool motivated “not for profit but change.” It has a mechanism for bookmarking for paywalled publications. One different thing about the Open Access Button is that it directly sends a request to the author of a not freely accessible paper. It sends the request through email for sharing the piece into its repository. By this, you can understand that it is legal and safe to use. To get the paper, you need some necessary steps.

First, visit this link –   https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/open-access-button/  

It also has another link to visit – https://openaccessbutton.org/.

Then press the “Add to Chrome” option for installing the browser extension.

After that, have a relaxed attitude whenever you get denied from accessing a research paper. Open Access Button has got your back.


It is not only an openly accessible research paper website but also an efficient networking platform. Here you will find 40 million and above research papers from all fields of science. It is legal, safe, dedicated to science, and has a community of scholars. You can collaborate with other scholars and publish your work immediately in open access. Also, you will not have any hassle.

First, go to its link – http://about.scienceopen.com/

You will find a green “search” option on the top right corner of the website.

After you have to type your preferred keywords there and you are all set.


With the belief that “knowledge should be used for the public good,” Core gives the users the access to search more than 66 million open access articles. It is a global aggregator of research papers and journal archives. You will see an advanced search option that uses various filters such as date, year, language, author, and much more. It has some easy steps to follow.

First, visit the link – https://core.ac.uk/

Then put your desired keywords in the search bar.

After that, press the “Get PDF” option for downloading any research paper of your wish.

These websites have become a blessing for any student or researcher for getting their work done with perfection. However, it takes years to write a properly cited and well-resourced research paper or journal for anyone. That is why do not forget to thank them by giving them proper citation and reference in your work. That way, you can have a plagiarism-free work of your own, along with the conscience of good intention.

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