6 Basic Software Skills One must have

6 Basic Software Skills One must have

We are rapidly moving towards a paperless world. A world where we are using less paper and increasing the association with computers. Even the seminars, workshops, training move from offline to online. So, no matter which background you are or in which position you are, it is important to know some software skills in this modern era.

What are the Software skills? Why do we need the software skills?

Software skill is the ability to use the software application on the computer. It is a category of computer skills but computer skills mainly refer to know everything about using a computer.

Software skills differ from the positions or the necessity of a person to person. Nevertheless, there are some software skills such as Microsoft suite, graphic designing, digital marking, etc. one must know to cope up with this fast-forwarding world.

Technology is not only making our lives easier but also reducing work pressure. As a result, the person who has more software skills than others with the same qualifications is getting the priority in his student life or work life.

Microsoft Office: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are the basic tools that we mostly use in our daily life.

  • Microsoft Word: In the job sector, most of the employers believe that every candidate or employee knows Microsoft word. Those who are students have to write so many assignments or term papers using Microsoft office. In the workplace, many people are writing on Microsoft word rather than writing on the paper.
  • Microsoft Excel: From inputting data to using mathematical calculations, one must need to know Excel. In excel, you can organize different data such as your company’s employee’s Id, salary, budget, or expenditure. Or, if you are a student and you are doing research, then you may have to organize the dataset, calculate and analyze them with charts, graphs, etc. So, depending on your work, you may have to use Microsoft excel.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: If you are a public speaker or a student or professional who has to give presentations in front of others, Microsoft PowerPoint is a must for you. It helps us to present ideas, the information in front of our audience.

Graphics Designing: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are mostly used for graphic design. Knowing these graphics designing tools will help to get jobs offline or online. It is because employers have to promote their business or organizations and for market promotion or campaigns, they need to hire a graphics designer who will create posters, edit images, vector arts, textures. Moreover, if you are a student with this skill, you can create creative posters for your projects or clubs. Furthermore, it will help you in freelancing or your own business.

Digital Marketing: According to a survey from 2013 to 2018, the average number of social media accounts per internet user is 8.5. Now a day, social media is a great platform to market your products where many people are watching, spending a lot of time, and searching for suitable products. To get the desired target audience and to reach them out, you must have digital marketing skills. It offers you to choice of the age level, education level, buying behavior of your target audience.

Internet Research: Whenever this word comes into our mind, many of us think of searching for something on google. Internet research means researching your topic, what you are searching for, and how you are gaining knowledge from your search. Internet research is important for searching for perfect study materials, collecting data, achieving market knowledge. Moreover, people can also find their desired jobs by using their research skills.

Communication platforms: After the breakout of Covid-19, we are going through a paradigm shift from offline to online. For communication, colleges, universities, companies are using digital platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, Stream yard for classes, meetings, and seminars. So, to cope with this new era, we must have to be familiar with these new applications. These software skills will help us to compete with other candidates and to keep ourselves up to date.


WordPress is a basic tool for creating websites. If you want to create a website for your own or your company, you can use WordPress to start with. Whenever you need changes, WordPress will give you the option. Also, it is SEO friendly and cost-efficient. Moreover, it is easier to learn and for advanced learning, you can learn Bootstrap, ReactJS, etc.

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Written by Noshin Tasnim Zaman

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