6 Businesses You Can Start Without Leaving Your Bed

6 Businesses You Can Start Without Leaving Your Bed

What does it need to start a business? You may say that it needs a lot of funds or active manpower, or a fantastic idea. You will be surprised to know that the most critical thing about any successful business is the ‘Time.’ Bill T. Gross, the founder of American start-up company Idealab, found in his research that Timing accounts for 42% of the success of a business. He differentiated among the factors of Team, Idea, Business Model, Funding, and Time. Surprisingly, Funding is the last factor accounting for only 14% you need for the success of a business. On the other hand, time creates opportunities with it that you can never think of. Here, we will explore 6 businesses that you can start right from the comfort of your bed.

Facebook Advertising Agency

This is a massive opportunity for making money without investing in it. You may have heard or are currently into Google Ads or Instagram marketing. Still, this is mainly targeted at Facebook users. On the other hand, this is an important business to understand. Many emerging online or local businesses such as book stores, restaurants, e-commerce stores, or anyone looking to grab new customers. Although the most feasible way to get new customers is by the heavy use of social media, the business owners do not have the specific time to make their social media ads as they have to run their business. That is when your service will come into play. You will be responsible for creating Facebook Ads on their behalf. With an innovative, creative video or photography, you can earn more than a decent amount. Of course, for that, you need to understand how to create and run Facebook ads. Do not get worried, as there are a vast number of YouTube videos to learn from.

Creative Content Creator  

Creativity has no limits; rather, it gets even better with time. Content creation is one of the independent ways of earning that you can explore without any significant hassle. Blogging, YouTubing, Websites, Videography, Photography, and the list goes on. These creative works will bring you potential clients, where you can set your terms of working. On the other hand, you have the choice of making your team of creative personals. There is much to do with creative content creation that can indeed establish a full-scale business in a short time.

Virtual Consultancy   

To be a virtual consultant, you need particular expertise in specific fields. You can start this independent business in management, business, sales, relationship or matchmaking, tax or legal, or any other professional field. One-to-one sessions or live meetings, or any required services can be done quickly through online platforms.  It is true that the more experienced you will be, it is more likely to establish in this business. Besides, this can be a great side business for those looking for extra earnings and professional careers.

Virtual Manager    

There are people with creative or artistic skills who struggle to get the limelight or are not known. These individuals need the proper monitoring and help to unleash their true talent. You can be the ultimate powerhouse behind them. From managing the social media accounts to a financial advisor or mentor, anything can be possible in this sector. You just need your critical thinking abilities with negotiation skills and a lot of patience. Just to give you an example – Hollywood business manager Kristin Lee, who manages many famous actors’ finance accounts, has an asset of 50 million or above.

EBook writing

Although the tastes of hardcopies are never replaceable, the EBook industry is growing quite significantly. There are a

dedicated number of readers which is expanding rapidly. Fiction, non-fiction, visual, or any type of writing can be your niche. On the other hand, your writing skills and careful marketing can surely get you the success you desire. The best thing about

the EBook business is it does not need any particular publisher or specific platform to be released in. However, you may face some difficulties in the starting phrase. But the impact of your soulful words can create influence.


Education has never been this easy than this era. All you need to do is identify your preferred niche or target market and start your teaching business with little effort. The best part is that you do not need to be a professional teacher at all. It could be something you have some expertise in that you can easily teach others in a simple language. Besides, there are limitations to using online platforms. Also, you can invite teachers or services to be your collaborator to gain maximum audiences.

These business ideas are remote, independent, can be done from the comfort of your bed, and do not require any heavy funding. On the other hand, you can make any of these businesses as your side income besides your professional career. So you can see, for starting a business, you do not always need huge funding or a robust idea. Instead, you need to understand the market and the right time to start the venture. Therefore, unleash the entrepreneur in you and work for the success you desire. 

Written by Adiba Jahan Payel

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