Five Mantras to Start Living a Greener Life even if you are a City Dweller

Five Mantras to Start Living a Greener Life even if you are a City Dweller

Eco-friendly, green business, zero waste lives; these buzz words roam around for quite a time. But are you following the meaning of these words in your life? Think out what is the last you have done from the awareness of saving Mother Nature. Even if you have thrown a plastic bottle into proper disposal, you have taken a step towards protecting our environment. In case you are thinking that throwing one plastic bottle into proper disposal cannot solve this issue, you are not looking for the brighter side. One small step of throwing at least one plastic into proper disposal can save hundreds of plastic bottles pilling-up in landfills. Your one affirmative action can make a change towards a greener environment. Here are five mantras to start living a greener life, even if you are a city dweller.

Have a break, have some veggies

Do you know that commercial livestock farming causes up to 18% of human-made greenhouse gas emissions globally? If you cut down meat at least three to four days from your daily diet, you can reduce the carbon footprint. On the other hand, switching to a plant-based diet or somewhat has 50% of this diet can save you from premature death. Include more veggies and fruits in your diet chart and take the first step towards a greener lifestyle.

Less is more

Every one of us is a potential consumer for manufactures. That makes us equally guilty for 60% of worldwide greenhouse emissions and 80% of water pollutions. The more you will buy, the more you will be wasting products that will end up in landfills. But a minimalist lifestyle can provide a practical solution to this. With a minimalist lifestyle, you will only live by the things you need reducing your appetite for buying more. Instead of buying, you will with more values, relationships, love, and experiences.    

Think renewable

Although switching entirely to renewable energies does not seem convenient, but it can be a great start. Solar panels make zero carbon footprints and clean energy. It’s a one-time cost, and the number of panels will vary on how much you need to use. Typically, if you want to be a 100% renewable energy user, you will need 28-34 solar panels to light up your entire house. But the best part is once the panels get set, you will see the deductions in your electric bills saving your money and the environment with one solution. 

Live, love and cycle

It is probably the only thing that can be your answer against most of the pollutions. Cycling cuts down carbon footprints, reduces greenhouse gas, and decreases noise pollutions. By doing cycling, you will also save more space and decrease ecological footprints. Not to mention the health benefits will make you live fit and happy. On another note, you can start an exceptional green business with a bicycle rental service. Saving Mother Nature with some profits in hand sounds interesting, doesn’t it?        

Creativity saves the world

An average human being is responsible for producing around 4.4 pounds of trash each day. But with a zero-waste mindset, you can make a jar of trash only in a year. You can turn useless, waste-material, and unwanted into something unique or different product that you can reuse with upcycling. You do not need an art degree for this but the bright side of useless products. Also, you can into this into SME business, moving your creativity with profit. On the other hand, making DIY (Do-it-yourself) products is super fun and helps you buy less.

Being a city dweller but living a minimal and zero-waste lifestyle is entirely possible if you ignite the willpower inside you. A small action towards saving the world can make a more significant change in the future. Though it will take time and much devotion, let the action start from you. Influence others with encouragement. Make them realize that if you can begin to and happily live by it, they can do so. One day these baby steps will become a human march towards a sustainable life and pure nature.

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