Six Jobs that could be a Reality in Futuristic World

Six Jobs that could be a Reality in Futuristic World

Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘the best way to predict your future is to create it.’ Humankind is on the constant verge of creating and expanding in every possible way. However, it is true that with the urge of creation, people are getting alternative options, and so are the career choices. With the rise of artificial intelligence, automation, virtual reality – it is hard to imagine what career choices people would take in the futuristic world. According to a recent study by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), 60% of the jobs young people are looking for right now could get extinct in 10 to 15 years. On the other hand, Frank, Pring & Roehrig (2017), in their book ‘What to Do When Machines Do Everything,’ predicted that there would be 21 million new jobs due to technology. So here are six jobs that could likely be a reality in the futuristic world –


Is there anything that machines cannot do! Yes! These lifeless objects need guidance to help someone bring their life back, and that is when a Tele-surgeon will come in. The task of Tele-surgery will be to operate the patients with robotic tools but not by human hands. But the most astonishing fact is that they will be able to treat patients from far away locations.

Garbage designer

No matter how much we talk about and how many conventions we sign, landfills are not going anywhere. It seems like we need designers to make the alternative usage of garbage. Upcycling is a new form of recycling that turns waste into better quality products. A garbage designer’s task will be to find creative ways to make high-quality materials for entirely different products by sorting out various garbage disposals.

Data Detective  

If you think becoming a detective is a daydream, then behold! The dream of becoming Sherlock Holmes will not be a fantasy anymore as the data detectives will be investigating data from IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Their task will be to serve businesses and organizations with data-based apprehension.

Digital Currency Advisor

Moneybags will fall under luxury items as cryptocurrencies will take over the futuristic world’s medium of exchange. We can already sense it as Bitcoin is already on the rise. Therefore, a specialized digital currency advisor will help people with their wealth by using the right balance system.

Organ or Body Part Creator

Each minute a new name is added to the waiting list of organ transplants. But voluntary organ donation is an outreach for most of them. An organ creator will be the ray of hope. Their task will be to combine 3D-printing with stem cell research and understand the human body to create organs in demand.  

Space Tour Guide

A dream of reaching the stars is illusory? Not anymore. It might sound crazy, but Space tourism is drawing closer with the promise of aerospace companies. However, this may seem only to wealthy people’s reach but who does not need a guide on tours. Who knows, maybe this career will be the next star profession for future generations! 

Future and opportunities go hand in hand. That is why you need to have a keen eye to grab the possible opportunity next to you. You might be thinking that you may not live enough days to venture one or all of these. But can you tell what adventure is waiting for you in the near future? Keep sharpening your skills and knowledge to have the robust career that you desire.

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